Nudge is a mobile app that uses a continuous glucose monitor (e.g., Dexcom G6) and a wearable device (e.g., Apple Watch) to help people with insulin resistance, the core of conditions like diabetes and PCOS. It works by using machine learning to anticipate when a user will experience a glucose spike in the next 30 minutes, at which time the app sends a “Nudge” and makes personalized physical activity recommendations to flatten the imminent glucose spike.

Over weeks to months of daily interaction with the app, the person will become more insulin sensitive and may reverse illnesses related to insulin resistance.

One of our core competencies is our ability to make the user experience rewarding so that users come back again and again. As part of this, we developing the Nudge Score, which will use dynamic scoring that will be weighted to reward inputs that lead to positive outcomes.

We believe that the most important lever you can pull to manage your metabolic chemistry is the right physical activity at the right time. We’re committed to making reversing insulin resistance accessible and intuitive for even the toughest metabolic conditions.