Are you ready to reverse insulin resistance?

Nudge is an app designed to keep your body sensitive to insulin. Our app predicts when you are about to have a glucose spike in the next 30 minutes. It then coaches you through lowering your blood glucose through a few minutes of physical activity.

Exercise dosing

Studies show that physical activity brings glucose down in real time. We're using science to the advantage of your metabolism, helping your glucose stay within a healthy range.


Continuous glucose monitors are used to quantify how your behaviors, like sleep, nutrition, and exercise influence your blood glucose.

Machine Learning

Our algorithm is trained on actual patient data. It correlates your realtime glucose levels with millions of datapoints to give you an accurate prediction of your next glucose excursion.

We at Nudge are committed to supporting a healthy body and mind.

Rufus Sweeney, MD

psychiatry resident & co-founder

Jonathan Lifferth

machine learning operations & co-founder

Megan Murphy-Belcaster, MD

obgyn resident and marketing strategist

Ravi Patel, MD

Chief Executive Officer

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